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Unite, Elevate, Impact: Embrace the Power of an AFP Membership!

Chapter Leadership Brief 8.25.23

By Brently Winstead, Director of Development, The Child Center of NY

When I joined The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) many years ago. I was not aware of the multitude of benefits AFP would bring me. In the spirit of sharing, I would like to express all the positive benefits I have and continue to experience as a member of the Local NYC Chapter and Global AFP.

Being a member of the AFP at both the global and local levels can offer numerous benefits to fundraising professionals. AFP is a respected international organization that provides resources, networking opportunities, and professional development for individuals involved in fundraising and philanthropy. Here are some reasons why being a member of AFP at both levels can be beneficial to you:

Hip Hop, Nonprofits, and Black Community Fundraising in New York City

Chapter Leadership Brief 08.11.2023

The Association of Fundraising Professionals New York City Chapter proudly presents an engaging organic conversation, highlighting the intersectionality of three major milestones in Black community fundraising occurring this August 2023: Black Philanthropy Month, the 50th Year of Hip Hop (Friday, August 11th), and National Nonprofit Day (Thursday, August 17th).

Chevelle Dixon, Founder and Managing Director of Pan-African Solutions Consulting LLC, moderated an engaging organic conversation with Dr. Meisha Porter, President and CEO of the Bronx Community Foundation, and with Dr. Jocelynne Rainey, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

Top 12 Actionable Ways To Incorporate IDEA Ideals Into Fundraising In An Ever Changing World!

Chapter Leadership Brief 07.28.2023

By Crystal Fields-Sam, IDEA Committee Chair, AFP NYC Board Member

It is important now more than ever to incorporate and promote IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) into all aspects of fundraising work.  It requires a thoughtful and intentional approach. Inclusion is the cornerstone of a thriving fundraising ecosystem. Embracing diversity fosters creativity, broadens our reach, and enables us to engage with a wider range of donors. It is essential to ensure that all fundraising professionals have equitable opportunities to thrive and succeed, regardless of their background or identity. Access is the gateway to a more inclusive fundraising profession. We must actively work to break down barriers that hinder individuals from underserved communities from entering and excelling in the fundraising field. 

A BIPOC Leader’s Success is a Win for the Nonprofit Sector

Chapter Leadership Brief 7.14.23

By Sonya Shields, Executive Director and President, Cause Effective 

On July 1, I became Cause Effective’s fourth Executive Director and President.  A forty-year-old leading nonprofit capacity builder that has partnered with over 7,000 organizations to fuel social justice and human rights.  I am the organization’s first leader of color, following Judy Levine, who held the position for sixteen years.  Being a Black queer woman to take the helm brings me tremendous pride.  I’m especially energized to lead Cause Effective into this next chapter during a time of continued racial unrest in this country.  I am fully embracing this position as an opportunity to center diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within every area of our work in partnership with the staff, Board, and stakeholders.

The Year is Half Over! Now What?!

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.30.2023

Erica Joy West, Charitable Investment Counselor, BVMI

If you're looking at your calendar today and thinking, "Wait a minute, it can’t really be June 30th already!? Where is this year going?" Well, you're not alone. It seems like just yesterday we were clinking champagne glasses and setting New Year’s resolutions— And now I’m sitting here googling “NYC sensory deprivation tanks” to retreat from the intense fiscal year-end push. 

So now what!? Well, aside from any anxiety you might be feeling, the midway point in the year is, actually, a perfect time to reflect on what has already passed and what is still ahead of you.

Ready, Set, Learn: Fundraising Day in NY is Here!

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.16.2023

By CJ Orr,
Chief Operating Officer, Orr Group

Today marks another exciting chapter in our journey as AFP-NYC hosts the annual Fundraising Day in New York conference. With over 1000 attendees, 60+ speakers, 2 keynote speakers, roundtable sessions, mentorship sessions, and more than 30 sponsors, this conference is one of our most vibrant and enriching gatherings yet.

Why Fundraising Gives Me Hope This LGBTQ+ Pride Season

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.2.2023


By Christa Orth, Co-Vice Chair of AFP-NYC’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee
Founder + CEO, Seaworthy Fundraising

LGBTQ+ Pride marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprisings of 1969, led by a majority of trans women of color. Stonewall commemorates community resistance against state violence and discrimination. 

Pride season has an urgent meaning this year. 

This year, we are living through a time of unprecedented political backlash, with 530 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in legislatures around the U.S. so far in 2023. Seventy five percent of transgender youth in the South now live in a state where a ban on gender affirming care has passed.

Learning and Unlearning Our Way to Being Truly Inclusive: A Conversation about Ableism in Fundraising

Chapter Leadership Brief 05.19.2023

By Sunil Oommen, President, Oommen Consulting LLC

Between my consulting work and leadership on IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access) for AFP-NYC, I have studied and practiced IDEA in fundraising for years. I was wise enough to know I wasn’t an expert on all things IDEA, but that became resoundingly clear when I met a fundraiser at an AFP-NYC event this past January who identifies as hard-of-hearing. She asked me how many people with disabilities are members of AFP-NYC. I did not know. Not even a ballpark figure. We set up a time to have lunch a few weeks later during which she generously shared some eye-opening insights and recounted the various microaggressions she experienced as a disabled person. I was shocked. Then I was shocked at my shock – why did I not know about this? Why am I shocked at this? Those encounters started my journey of reflecting on my knowledge (really, lack thereof) of issues affecting the disability community, about my own ableism, and how we often perpetuate ableism even while ostensibly doing IDEA-informed fundraising.

The Value of Maurice Gurin Scholarships for Fundraising Day in NY

Chapter Leadership Brief 5.5.2023

By Maoly Hernandez Rosario, Development Intern, Columbia University School of Social Work,
Angelie Singla, LMSW, Lecturer, Columbia University School of Social Work

Liliana Cepeda, Development Coordinator at Latinas on the Verge of Excellence (L.O.V.E.), attended Fundraising Day in NY in 2022 as a Maurice Gurin Scholarship Recipient. She joined Angelie Singla and Maoly Hernandez on April 20, 2023 in a virtual meeting to discuss her participation in the Fundraising Day in NY Conference. Fundraising Day in NY is the largest single-day conference on philanthropy. There are over 1000 individuals present to share ideas, network and learn from each other through the amazing array of session topics covering every current and emerging aspect of fundraising. 

Fundraising Day in New York is Coming!

Chapter Leadership Brief 04.21.2023

By Craig Shelley, CFRE
President-elect, AFP-NYC Chapter
Partner + Chief Growth Officer, Orr Group

I’m writing this just having flown home from AFP ICON in New Orleans (and boy are my arms tired!!), a gathering of nearly 3,000 fundraisers from across the globe.  I left armed with content from the great sessions I attended including those on fundraisers as leaders, the differences between successful and failing campaigns, how to communicate with donors, and a session on how I can be a better ally and advocate for my female colleagues.  I also left with a stack of business cards representing new friends, and lots of laughs with old friends, highlighted by “Jambalaya with President Jill” and several of our other chapter board members.


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