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Unlocking Lessons and Community at Fundraising Day

Chapter Leadership Brief 5.3.24

by Lisa Keitges, Founder and Principal, East 5th Strategies and
Susan Sharer, Vice President of Development, Prospect Park Alliance

On June 14, you can tell us if we did our job or not. And we look forward to hearing what you think.

We are the program co-chairs for Fundraising Day New York, the historic gathering of over 1,000 philanthropy professionals from our great city and the surrounding area. And we faced a tall order -- there are almost 50,000 nonprofits in New York City, with issues as diverse as its population -- how could we create a cohesive program that gets at the heart of the issues our community needs to thrive?

The Surprising Truth Behind Nonprofit Ad Spending on Facebook & Instagram

Chapter Leadership Brief 5.3.2024

by Eric Berman
Co-Founder, Gr0wth Dr1vers

With the rise of digital media consumption, nonprofits are recognizing the importance of meeting their audiences where they are - online - and are increasingly turning to online channels such as Facebook and Instagram (Meta ads) for fundraising efforts. These platforms can be powerful tools for reaching potential donors, driving awareness and advocacy about the mission.  Moreover, Meta ads provide the advantage of tracking and measuring campaign performance in real-time.  Advertisers can analyze metrics such as engagement, click-through rates, and conversions to evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions about future spending.  All of this said, these benefits are not without risk.  If Meta is used incorrectly, an advertisers' funds can be wasted on ads that are unnoticed, unremembered, and unactioned.


AFP-ICON Debrief: The turn towards collective care is here

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.19.24

by Madeleine Durante
AFP Outstanding Young Professional, 2024

I was deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend my first AFP-ICON conference and receive the 2024 Outstanding Young Professional award. Over four days, I was blown away by the generosity and care of fellow fundraisers sharing their learnings and pushing the profession forward. They made it clear that philanthropy has roots in collective care practices spanning time immemorial, as well as in anti-democratic, unequal practices of power over others. How we use and reimagine the tool of fundraising — and create the field’s future — is up to each of us.

Fundraising Day in New York – THE Day in New York

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.19.24

by Craig Shelley, CFRE
President, Association of Fundraising Professionals New York City Chapter
Partner + Chief Growth Officer, Orr Group

Fundraising Day in New York is fast approaching! Since my earliest days in fundraising, this was one of my favorite experiences each year and that’s only become truer over time. Fundraising Day in New York has always served as an energizing place where you can witness our community of nonprofit leaders come together, learn new skills, see friends, and make lots of new ones.

How are Your Board Members Telling Your Organizational Story?

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.5.24

by Erica Joy West
Charitable Investment Counselor, Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative
Coach and Independent Consultant

As April ushers in National Volunteer Month, it’s a time of celebration for the invaluable contributions that our volunteers make to our organizations. And the volunteers that are universally regarded as our most valuable and important are the Board of Trustees--- guiding the strategic direction of our organization, serving as ambassadors of our mission, and catalysts of philanthropic support.

Breaking Barriers: The Evolution and Future of Text-to-Pledge®

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.5.24

by David J. Mack IV 
Vice President of Communications, Sophist

In the ever-changing universe of fundraising, innovation is the key to success. 

As Vice President of Communications at Sophist and a dedicated advocate for active philanthropy, I've had a major role in the establishment and development of Text-to-Pledge® (TTP), the groundbreaking platform that redefined how nonprofits engage with donors and drive contributions. In the major gala environment, TTP changed the live appeal paradigm from analog to digital. The process has directly generated more than $250MM for causes and their beneficiaries since. Much of the giving has come from first time donors to client organizations, and Text-to-Pledge’s true bottom line impact for orgs is in the billions.



Can Great Fundraisers Become Great Managers?

Chapter Leadership Brief 3.22.24

By Robin Merle, CFRE
President, Robin Merle Associates, LLC

Retaining and motivating staff is a BIG topic in our profession.   The churn of fundraising staff in and out of organizations continues.  Staff who have exited their organizations talk of toxic cultures, unrealistic expectations, limited resources, and bad managers who still operate like gift officers rather than leaders.  “I wasn’t even able to speak to a donor.  I wrote briefings,” goes a typical complaint.

If you’ve risen up the ranks from asker to tasker, you can improve your chances of retaining team members by leaning into your role as a relationship-builder.

Providing Dignity Through and Restoring Reciprocity in Fundraising: An Inclusive Approach to Legacy Giving

Chapter Leadership Brief 3.8.24

by M. Angel Flores
Senior Vice President, CCS Fundraising

In a previous article, I shared data from Giving USA that confirmed nearly half of legacy gift donors first learned about the personal benefits of making such a gift from their charity. Beyond the inherent responsibility wealth stewards or donor advisors have to partner with donors and ensure they understand and therefore can take advantage of the significant benefits of making a legacy gift, there are the added benefits to our profession of providing donors the dignity of dying with their affairs in order and restoring reciprocity to this sacred relationship.

5 Fundraising Ideas to Boost Donor Engagement

by Bre Alexander
Content Marketing Manager, iWave

To boost donor engagement and maximize fundraising efforts, nonprofits need to think creatively and implement new strategies.  In this post, we’ll explore five fundraising ideas that can help nonprofits cultivate stronger relationships with their donors, expand their reach, and create a sense of community surrounding their cause.

From hosting unique events to donor surveys, these ideas will provide practical approaches to enhancing donor engagement. 

Let’s dive in!

Owning Your Seat at the Table

Chapter Leadership Brief 2.23.24

by Thomas E. Moore III
Executive Director, American Friends of the Louvre

It’s been nearly four months since I began my tenure as the Executive Director of American Friends of the Louvre and, as my first executive director role, it has been an incredible period of learning and growing into a new kind of leadership.  

Successful leaders often demonstrate attributes like compassion, a deep connection with their teams, and the ability to balance group needs with their individual aspirations. For emerging leaders looking to grow their skills, particularly leaders of color, I strongly advise embracing qualities and skills that may not always be recognized as conventional strengths. For example, being perceived as ‘different’ may have taught you how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. In leadership, you can harness that feeling to adapt quickly, overcome difficult experiences, and see innovative solutions. 


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