AFP-NYC Is Committed to IDEA

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access

We aim to attract a broad range of IDEA Committee members in order to create a thoughtful and dynamic group which keeps participants engaged and empowered to take action to address historical inequities and move towards a place where everyone in our industry is treated with dignity and respect. Through partnership, we create programming that reflects the needs and interests of AFP-NYC constituents. 


Committee Roster
Jonah Nigh, Chair
Michelle Akapnitis
Deb Brown
Leah Burton
Keith Butler
Samantha Carlin
Brandon Cole
Crystal Fields-Sam
Michelle Fizerpeterson
M. Angel Flores
Thomas E. Moore, III
Melissa Gomez
Pedro Govantes
Tay Hughes
Thomas Moore, III
Symone New
Christa Orth
Jill Scibilia
Craig Shelley
Pinky Vincent Shubert
Maria Stringfellow
Lilai Teckie
Anne Rehkopf Townsend
Brenda Turner
Brently Winstead


On April 24, 2019, the AFP-NYC Board of Directors adopted the following Resolution and IDEA definitions:

Board Resolution