Fundraisers Matter

Chapter Leadership Brief 7.1.2022

By Jill M. Scibilia
AFP-NYC President
VP, Development
Phelps Hospital, Northwell Health
Do we say this often enough to our colleagues?  To the professional fundraising community?  To ourselves?
Sometimes we focus our accolades on the donors who support us and the people in our organizations who deliver our programs. I know I do.  It is important to share stories of impact.  It is what we do as fundraisers when we champion an idea, program or new facility that is possible thanks to donor generosity.

Heading to Fundraising Day and Reflecting on the Support AFP-NYC Provides

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.17.2022

By Jennifer Moore, AFP-NYC Treasurer
Vice President of Developement,
As I woke up this morning, I was excited (and a bit nervous if I’m being honest) to be heading to Fundraising Day in New York for the first time in two years!’s full Development department and CEO will be joining hundreds of our colleagues to soak in the inspirations, learnings and networking that FRDNY always delivers.

In Memory of Michele Hall Duncan

We lost a member of our AFP family last week, Michele Hall-Duncan, who served on our board as our
Secretary. We will be taking a moment of silence during the Penny Stoil Luncheon at Fundraising Day to remember Michele and her leadership in the
fundraising profession and the work she did and led at enCourage Kids Foundation. The board of AFP-NYC will be making a gift to enCourage Kids to honor Michele, please consider donating to this wonderful organization in her memory at We also would like to share the message from enCourage Kids with our readers:

Returning to Fundraising Day After Two Long Years!

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.3.2022

By Gregory Boroff
Chief External Relations Officer, City Harvest; AFP-NYC Fundraising Day in New York Committee Chair
I became a member of the AFP-NYC chapter in 1995, which was also the first year I attended Fundraising Day in New York. I’ve attended every year since and my involvement has deepened, as I went from an attendee to speaker, moderator, track chair, and program chair.  I was so excited and honored when I was asked to be Conference Chair in 2020.  We named the conference “Moving Forward….Together”, and we added representatives from our IDEA and Emerging Professionals groups to the Conference Steering Committee. Over several months, we worked to develop interesting sessions with dynamic, expert speakers. We’d even planned a delicious and fun luncheon program.  Then the world changed, and we had to quickly pivot to make the conference virtual.

Keeping The Faith

Chapter Leadership Brief 5.20.2022

By Pinky Vincent
Development & Marketing, Change Machine, AFP-NYC Communications Committee Chair
These are (still) difficult times. One million people have lost their lives to COVID-19. That is millions of families and friends who have lost their loved ones in this country alone. 
And I shudder to think of family members and friends who may never return from their routine grocery shopping because of racially-motivated mass killings. Like many of you, I am still processing the violent events within our borders and beyond.
I want to keep the faith - we shall (and must) overcome hate.

We’re Back!!

Chapter Leadership Brief 5.6.2022

By Michele Hall-Duncan, AFP-NYC Secretary
President & CEO, Encourage Kids Foundation
On Wednesday, we will have our first in-person gala in two years. Fundraising events have been our bread and butter, therefore losing this particular revenue stream was devastating to our organization. Our staff was reduced by 60 percent and we had to reconfigure how we delivered our mission as well. When we passed the one-million dollar mark last week, our skeleton crew celebrated via Zoom and could not believe that we had hit our goal.

Inspired By

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.22.2022

By Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC President, Vice President, Development
Phelps Hospital, Northwell Health

Take a moment and think about what inspires you.  While this may change on any given day, for me, it is nearly always about “who” inspires me rather than “what.”

People are my largest source of inspiration. Some days I am inspired by a loved one; other days I am inspired by a donor or a colleague.  I have a bulletin board in my office that includes photos of people from all of these categories who inspire me.

Let’s Get Together

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.8.2022

Let’s get together
By Craig Shelley, CFRE, President-elect, AFP-NYC Chapter; Managing Director, Orr Group
I’m not sure if we’re in a lull between pandemic waves, onto some next phase of normalcy or are finally into the “new normal” we’ve all heard so much about.  Whatever this is, I know I’ve found the recent abundant opportunities I’ve had to see people in-person to be energizing.  Among other things it’s helped to remind me of the great potential and benefit our AFP chapter brings. We have so many opportunities for fundraisers to come together and now that we can do so live and in-person, I’d really encourage you to take advantage. 

Checking In On The AFP-NYC Mentorship Program

Chapter Leadership Brief 3.25.2022

By Juliana M. Weissbein, CFRE, AFP-NYC Board Member and Mentorship Chair, AFP Global Board Member, Associate Director, Development Operations, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Hello to my fellow AFP-NYC chapter members!
When I was asked by our chapter to draft a Leadership Brief to our members, I knew that I had to sing the praises of our 2021 Mentorship Cohort.
After a year of behind-the-scenes work, the AFP-NYC mentorship program launched with a stellar group of participants in January 2021. It was a pleasure to facilitate the growth of our cohort through establishing connections that strengthen our sector by educating development professionals and nonprofit leaders in best practices in fundraising and applying the high standards of the AFP Code of Ethics.

Because It’s What We Do

Chapter Leadership Brief 3.11.2022

By Steve Jacobson, AFP-NYC Immediate Past President and CEO, JCA, Inc.
The images on TV of a war-torn Ukraine are gut wrenching. The devastation to beautiful European cities is sickening.  Over two million innocent civilians—mostly women, children and the elderly—have fled their homeland to (hopefully) relative safety in neighboring countries. Many others have tried to do so, but have been killed or wounded trying to flee.  Thousands of those who have stayed have met the same fate.  It’s a horrific situation that makes us realize just how much evil there is, despite our naïve beliefs that this could never happen again in our civilized world.

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