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The New York City Chapter of AFP welcomes volunteers. At present, the Chapter committees or Task Forces listed below have vacancies.  Volunteering on and/or leading a Chapter committee or task force is a benefit of membership. All volunteers need to be dues-paying members in good standing. 

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Committee Volunteering Opportunities

  • Communications Committee: Communicates the activities of the chapter to its members and to the general public. This includes social media and developing content for the chapter newsletter, which is published electronically. The committee is also responsible for the chapter’s website. Volunteers are needed to write articles, review content, contribute to social media, and more. Committee chaired by Board Member Pinky Vincent Shubert.
  • Emerging Leaders Committee: The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Committee is to create a strong community of new fundraisers within the NYC Chapter of AFP and the philanthropic and non-profit community in the greater New York City area, providing professional development, networking opportunities and cultivating a deeper sense of engagement within the Chapter and its activities. Committee co-chaired by Mike Esposito and Brently Winstead.
  • Government Relations and Ethics Committee: Coordinates New York State AFP chapters’ responses to changes in regulation and legislation affecting fundraising in New York State and collaborates with other organizations involved in shaping public policy affecting the independent sector. Members must have experience with strategic planning and/or public policy. You must be an AFP-NYC member to serve on this committee. Committee chaired by Gary Weinberg and Thomas Moore, III.
  • IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Access, Equity): Adopt, monitor and promote a diversity and inclusion plan to achieve a genuine, sustainable diverse and inclusive environment within the AFP-NYC, throughout its leadership, membership and activities. The Chair of the IDEA Committee will recruit member volunteers to work together to help ensure that AFP-NYC programs are inclusive and supportive of diversity-related issues and concerns. The Committee will work closely with other AFP-NYC committees (Professional Advancement, Communications, Committee on Directorship, etc.) to ensure that diversity and inclusion are considered when developing programs and communicating to the membership. Committee chaired by Board Member Crystal Fields-Sam.
  • Member Engagement Team Develops and implements strategies to identify and recruit new members and retain existing ones; Conducts outreach to prospective members by mail, e-mail, phone and in person at Fundraising Day in New York and at other chapter events; Plans programs to benefit chapter members;  You must be an AFP-NYC member to serve on this committee. Committee chaired by Board Members Adam Doyno and Melanie Buhrmaster.
  • Mentorship Committee: is responsible for the design, oversight and direction of the chapter's mentorship program. We recruit (mentors and mentees), market, match and monitor. Committee chaired by Board Members Robin Merle and Susan Shapiro.
  • Professional Advancement Committee: Plans, organizes, promotes, and evaluates the chapter’s year-round professional advancement programs. Committee chaired by Board Members Veronica Bainbridge and Anne R. Townsend.
  • Sponsorship Committee: Seeks enthusiastic members for recruiting of Chapter sponsors, alliances and in-kind partners (venues and services) through campaigns and personal solicitation. Committee develops and publishes the annual sponsorship brochure, incentives and benefits. Liaise with other Chapter committees to secure sponsorship needs. Committee chaired by Board Member Erica Joy West.

Event Opportunities

  • National Philanthropy Day: Plans and organizes the November National Philanthropy Day event.
  • Fundraising Day in NY (FRDNY): Plans and organizes the June full-day event at the Marriott Marquis for over 2,000 attendees. Volunteer opportunities include supporting career services, educational tracks (content, room monitors), day-of hospitality, social media support/communications.

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