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AFP-NYC Mentoring: New Year, New Program

Mentorship Committee Re-Launches with a New Cohort

The new year is a great time for a restart. Whether it’s setting goals for one’s health, personal life or profession, this is the time of year when we refresh and recommit to our goals and start anew. It is only fitting, then, that the chapter’s Mentorship Committee seized the moment to launch its program with a new design and a fresh cohort of mentors and mentees.

2020 is Now Hindsight

Chapter Leadership Brief 1.15.21

By Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC President-Elect
Vice President, Development
Phelps Hospital, Northwell Health

2020 is now hindsight. I entered the New Year filled with a sense of hope for the healing that is sure to come to our fractured world: a world that continues to battle a global pandemic and a country that faces conflict and division.

Then a few days later, I watched in horror as the events unfolded in Washington, DC. Violence erupted in our Nation’s Capitol. Our democratic process was threatened.  Lives were lost. The fallout and reckoning from the events on January 6th have only just begun. Lessons will follow from what was a seminal day in our history. 

The challenges we face in this New Year are deep and pronounced. I will admit that when taken all together, these challenges can feel insurmountable to me. Or worse, they can even become like background noise crowding out everything else including the good that is in the world.

I have been asking myself how I can cut through the background noise and face these challenges. What is my role in doing so?  I certainly don’t have all of the answers.  Here is how I am approaching 2021. 

In Memoriam: Penny Stoil

Our long time AFPNY board member and my friend Penny Stoil passed way the morning of December 26, 2020 after a short battle with cancer.  Penny’s talents and contributions have been felt for decades and will continue to be felt for decades to come.

Incredible Conversations at National Philanthropy Day

Full program available now--view for free!

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and participants for the incredible conversation and success of National Philanthropy Day on December 8, 2020! The event focused on  culture, strategy, and action to recruit and retain fundraisers of color.  We learned actionable steps to take - now - that will make a significant and immediate impact on any nonprofit or business.

Take Charge of 2021!

Chapter Leadership Brief 12.18.2020

By Steve Jacobson, AFP-NYC President and CEO, JCA, Inc.

For most people, 2020 can’t end soon enough.  I know that I’m one of those people.  I’d really like to see this year in the rearview mirror.  I think that we’ve all become accustomed to chalking up anything bad or just plain weird to 2020.  All of our problems will just magically disappear when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2021, right?  Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen.

National Philanthropy Day

Chapter Leadership Brief 12.04.2020

By Craig H. Shelley, CFRE, Chapter Treasurer & Managing Director, Orr Group

As it does every year, the barrage of #GivingTuesday emails and social posts initially filled me with cynicism and eye-rolls but by the end of the day had me feeling inspired and optimistic about the future of our world and philanthropy’s role in it.  At my core I’m an optimistic person who believes we can do better.  The core is just buried below the jaded exterior of a native New Yorker.

A Time for Kindness

Chapter Leadership Brief 11.19.2020

By Michele Hall-Duncan, AFP-NYC Secretary, CEO and President of enCourage Kids Foundation 

I am pleased to report that I am of the age to receive the AARP Bulletin each month. The November 2020 issue contains the usual articles urging us to reset our finances, avoid scams, and understand Medicare.  It also includes an article about kindness and generosity. “It is only through the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.” This quote by Ethel Percy Andrus, truly resonated with me. It reminded me of how wonderful each of our donors are.

"Be Kind"

Chapter Leadership Brief 11.05.2020

By Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC President-Elect
Vice President, Development
Phelps Hospital, Northwell Health

Being Kind is underrated.

By “kind,” I do not mean “nice.”  The words are sometimes used interchangeably, but they have different meanings.

Kind is defined as “of a good or benevolent nature or disposition” or “having, showing or proceeding from benevolence.” 

Nice is defined as “pleasing, agreeable, delightful.”

Perhaps I can better illustrate what I mean with a story or two.

Eleven Days and Counting…

Chapter Leadership Brief 10.23.2020

By Steve Jacobson
AFP-NYC President and CEO, JCA, Inc.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, Election Day is now just 11 days away.  For some 47 million of us who have already voted, we can sit back and know that we’ve fulfilled our constitutional duty to cast our ballots for our preferred local, state and federal candidates.  For those of you who haven’t yet voted in person (early), by mail or secure ballot box, please get out there and do so now.  And, of course, if you’re going to vote at your polling place on Election Day itself, stay safe and cast your ballot.


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