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Heading to Fundraising Day and Reflecting on the Support AFP-NYC Provides

Heading to Fundraising Day and Reflecting on the Support AFP-NYC Provides

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.17.2022

As I woke up this morning, I was excited (and a bit nervous if I’m being honest) to be heading to Fundraising Day in New York for the first time in two years!’s full Development department and CEO will be joining hundreds of our colleagues to soak in the inspirations, learnings and networking that FRDNY always delivers.
June is always a busy time of year and this one is no different. Whether your organization is closing out its fiscal year, holding its spring gala, or celebrating the culmination of school year programming, most of us are burning the candle at both ends. Additionally, June brings along with it the celebration of Pride Month and the Federal holiday commemorating Juneteenth. Each serve as opportunities for jubilee and recollection. Embedded within both is a call to work ACTIVELY in support of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access.  We must remember the battles and challenges that have been fought in the name of a just and equitable country for all and seek out ways  to do the work that still needs to be done!
That’s why I am so glad to have AFP-NYC! It’s easy to get burned out and feel alone in the constant struggles around the pressure to raise more money because the problems we’re trying to solve are so important. Over the course of my career, AFP-NYC has provided me with unparalleled knowledge and learnings, connections with colleagues who are now dear friends, and a chance to showcase my leadership in Fundraising. Today’s conference is a moment for me to slow down and recharge so I can finish this month with a full cup and work to fulfill our organization’s mission.
If you’re also at FRDNY, let’s connect! Otherwise, I would encourage you to look to the chapter for the host of other opportunities that AFP-NYC offers for you to connect with your fundraising colleagues and be inspired and energized by current trends and best practices to make sure your cup is full too!
All my best,

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