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Fundraisers Matter

Fundraisers Matter

Chapter Leadership Brief 7.1.2022

Do we say this often enough to our colleagues?  To the professional fundraising community?  To ourselves?
Sometimes we focus our accolades on the donors who support us and the people in our organizations who deliver our programs. I know I do.  It is important to share stories of impact.  It is what we do as fundraisers when we champion an idea, program or new facility that is possible thanks to donor generosity.
It is important we also celebrate the role of the fundraiser in this equation. Our role to match generosity with mission is critical.  I find being a fundraiser enormously fulfilling—most of the time. There are tough days, too.  So today, I’d like to celebrate the incredible fundraisers I know with a few messages of gratitude.  
First – my deepest gratitude to all those I am honored to call colleagues on my team today and all those with whom I have had the privilege of working throughout my fundraising career. Fundraising is a team effort and you have made such a difference to me and to the missions we have served together.  
Next – thank you to all of the consultant and vendor friends who serve the fundraising community. You not only help us deliver more impact for the missions and people we serve; you understand and care about the work we do and impact we make. 
Finally – a big shout out to all those who serve the professional fundraising community as volunteers, committee members and board members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and other organizations who convene our community. We are in this together* and we are stronger when we work together to exchange best practices, make connections and learn from each other.
I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating.  Philanthropy has the power to make the world a better place. I believe our work as fundraisers has never been more relevant or needed than today.
So remember that the work you do as a fundraiser matters.
Thank you for your leadership and commitment to professional fundraising.
With gratitude,
P.S. - *The feeling of together-ness was palpable when we came together two weeks ago to celebrate our first in-person Fundraising Day in New York since the pandemic.  I’d like to especially thank our Fundraising Day committee who made this day possible.  The Committee was led by chair Gregory Boroff, program chairs Margaret Holman and Craig Shelley and included Barbara Eckstadt, Christa Orth, Susan Shapiro, Elandria Jackson Charles, Charlisa Garg, Ron Wegsman, Thomas Moore, III, Anne Townsend, Diego Aviles, Leah Heister, Emily Facilia, Sonya Shields, Lisa Keitges, Poonam Prasad, Veronica Bainbridge, Susan Sharer, Kathy Holding, Jennifer Moore, Steve Jacobson and CJ Orr who will chair Fundraising Day 2023. Thank you for all you did to make it such a success!!

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