Here comes the Fall!

Here comes the Fall!

Chapter Leadership Brief 8.26.2022

By Craig Shelley, CFRE
President-elect, AFP-NYC Chapter; Partner + Chief Growth Officer, Orr Group

It’s hot.  It’s humid.  I’m tired of showing up during my rare in office days looking like I took a shower.  I’m ready for the Fall.

That’s sort of a weird thing for me to say out loud.  As kids, the Fall meant carefree summers became a memory and you were back to the grind of school and activities.  As fundraisers, it means the busiest of times is coming, which is saying a lot now that all times seem busy.  That said, I think I’ve come to look at the Fall as, yes, a time where I will be at my busiest, but also as a time where people will have unprecedented opportunities to give and contribute to the things they care about.  And, lucky us, we get to help them do it!

Never lose sight of that.  As thankless as this work can be at times, it really is a privilege.  Your efforts improve the world.  Not too many people can say that.  So, as you get into putting the final touches on those year-end appeals, try and close those major pledges donors have been considering for months, squeeze in that last event, design the most creative Giving Tuesday campaign ever, work on next year’s budget, AND be sure to spend time with your friends and family as the Holidays approach, take some time to reflect on the difference you’re making.  You might be exhausted, but you matter.

Oh, and also, make time this Fall to engage in our chapter!  I know professional development, networking, and just being with your community of peers are the easiest things to deprioritize, but we all know the rest of the days get easier when we make time for stuff like this.  You can always see what we’ve got upcoming on the Chapter calendar here.

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