Chapter Leadership Brief 2.13.2020

By Michele Hall, AFP-NYC Secretary 

This is my first Chapter Leadership Brief and I pondered for weeks on what I wanted to write. Should I share some cheeky advice on loving donors, volunteers, board members or your co-workers in honor of Valentine’s Day? Or delve into the current status of diversity in fundraising in a nod to Black History Month? Both are certainly worthy topics to explore; however my thoughts are in the vice grip of event planning…. Gala season is upon us!

Chapter Leadership Brief 1.31.2020

By Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC President-Elect

I’ve been giving a great deal of thought lately to how development is branded—both at my institution and across the non-profit sector.  In this week’s article, I will focus on the development brand within institutions.  In a future article, I will share my perspective on the brand of development across the non-profit sector. 

Chapter Leadership Brief 01.17.20

Steve Jacobson, AFP-NYC President and CEO, JCA, Inc.

Happy 60th Birthday, AFP!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Now that year-end gift processing has (hopefully!) been completed and the results are in, I trust that 2019 was a great year for your organization’s fundraising.  And, I hope that 2020 is even more successful, though you only have 349 more days to reach your goal, so you’d better get cracking!  Thankfully, we have an extra day due to the leap year this year…

Chapter Leadership Brief 12.20.19

Steve Jacobson, AFP-NYC President-Elect and CEO, JCA, Inc.

The Donor Experience

As some of you may know, I lead and manage a for-profit company that serves the technology and information management needs of nonprofits.  Over the years, we have built software products and established a consulting business.  Essentially, our nonprofit clients are our customers.  So, when I received an email invitation from an organization called “Meetup” about how to build a better customer service experience, I figured that this would be a great opportunity to learn more.

The Executive Director and the Director of Development

Five Ideas for Creating a Successful Partnership

The work of a fundraiser can be enormously difficult. There are many factors that contribute to this, but the one that has the most potential for generating stress is the relationship between the CEO/Executive Director and the Director of Development. This can be a marriage made in heaven or hell depending up the capacity and willingness of both individuals to accept the challenges of creative communication and collaboration. This was the topic of an AFP-NYC Educational Program on July 18, 2019.

Five Recommendations for Marketing Your Non-Profit Across the Generations

By Susan Fields, CFRE

AFP-NYC In-Person Webinar
June 26, 2019

The Next Generation of Giving Research Series conducted by Blackbaud in 2010, 2013, and 2018 details the multichannel communication preferences and giving habits of individuals based upon their age cohorts. While not everyone fits into a generational mold, there is a lot to be learned from the research regarding how, when, and where to reach out to each group.

Chapter Leadership Brief 12.06.19

Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC Secretary

“Do something every day that scares you,” was the advice of one of my early mentors, a high school teacher.  I am not sure I do something that scares me every day, but I will recount something I did recently that scared me. 

Chapter Leadership Brief 11.08.19

Gary Laermer, AFP-NYC President

While I am beginning the final weeks of serving as the President of our great Chapter, I’ve had the chance to reflect on the role AFP-NYC will play in shaping the future of our profession.  In the process, I came to realize that probably at least one-third, if not half of the positions and titles that will lead development shops beyond the next decade don’t even exist today.

Chapter Leadership Brief 10.10.19

Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC Secretary

My colleagues have written about the state of the fundraising sector in the last few leadership briefs, reflecting on results from a recent study about low retention rates among fundraisers.  They shared some insightful reasons for this and how we as a profession can work together to address this.


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