"Give Until It Stops Hurting"

"Give Until It Stops Hurting"

Chapter Leadership Brief 05.07.21

By Jill Scibilia, CFRE, AFP-NYC President-Elect
Vice President, Development, Phelps Hospital, Northwell Health

“Give until it hurts” is a quote often attributed to Mother Teresa. There is deep meaning behind this quote, but there is another version attributed to Elizabeth Berg that I prefer, “Give until it stops hurting.”   I believe “give until it stops hurting” captures philanthropic spirit and intentionality. 

Those seeking to make a difference through their generosity are often seeking to do just this:  stop the hurting that exists in the world….or even as a way to stop the hurting they, themselves feel.  Have you ever facilitated a gift with a donor who was seeking to do this?  Or have you ever made a gift yourself because your heart was breaking? I know I have.

The COVID pandemic continues. Even as society begins to open in New York and some parts of the world, we also know that suffering continues unabated across the globe.  Our work as fundraisers and those who support our industry has never been more relevant or needed than today.  Philanthropy has the power to make the world a better place. Our missions and all those we serve are counting on us to help facilitate this. 

We are stronger and can achieve more for our missions when we team up as a fundraising sector. 

Here are some examples of how AFP-NYC does this for me:

AFP-NYC Engages in Virtual Lobby Week

The AFP-NYC Chapter participated in Virtual Lobby Week just last week.   Check out this article by AFP colleagues Nichole Guerra and Thomas Moore where they speak about “three pressing issues for our sector’s success” for which we advocated on behalf of our sector and our generous donors. 

PhilanthroCon Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself this month.  I have learned the importance of investing in my continuing education in order to do my best work.  From learning and sharing best practices, to networking with colleagues and identifying solutions that will help me and my team succeed, I know PhilanthroCon is THE place to be to do this.  AFPNYC colleague Gregory Boroff and the entire PhilanthroCon planning team have outdone themselves planning a meaningful, relevant and fun conference this year. Click here to learn more and register today

(Hint: you don’t have to wait for the conference to start making connections. Once you register, you can begin connecting and networking.  I set up my profile earlier this week!  Don’t wait.) 

I’ve been a member of AFP-NYC for 10 years.  This month marks my 10-year anniversary.  Someone asked me recently about the value of membership.  I cannot imagine NOT being a member. The AFP community means so much to me.  It is part of my identity.  Check out this post by AFP colleagues Margaret Holman and Sarah Weatherly about this. I encourage you to also share your top-ten!!

I hope to see you virtually at PhilanthroCon. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to professional fundraising—and for all you do to make the world a better place.

With gratitude,



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