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Share your “top reasons” for a chance to claim or gift a complimentary AFP Membership

By Margaret Holman, AFP-NYC Board Member and President of Holman Consulting, and Sarah Weatherley, AFP-NYC Member

An AFP-NYC chapter membership is so much more than an event discount: it is opportunity, it is access to a network of fellow fundraisers working together to activate philanthropy for change, it is a show of professionalism and belonging to a group of dedicated change-makers, and it is being a part of a community. Especially throughout this challenging year we have faced together in NYC and across the globe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, AFP-NYC members have come together to lift each other up, to innovate, and to evolve as we navigate the “new normal” in life and in fundraising.

We want to hear what this community means to you! Read on to see how you can join the conversation for a chance to win a complimentary AFP membership that you can claim yourself or gift to anyone of your choosing. To inspire you as you consider your “top reasons”, we are featuring a note from Margaret Holman, long time AFP member and board member, on what she most values about being a member of AFP-NYC. She also shares this year’s “10 Reasons” to become an AFP member.

It wasn’t a hard decision for me to join the New York Chapter of AFP when I moved from California to New York City in 1981.  I didn’t know anyone professionally and was eager to find a job.  I’d heard about the Association (then called the National Society of Fund Raising Executives) from some of the interviews I did.  I joined within a couple of months and found the group welcoming, with bountiful opportunities for networking and education.  I joined a committee about 18 months later, and within two years found myself on the board and involved with Fundraising Day in New York. 

Perhaps you’ll remember that I’ve been delivering the Top Ten List at FRDNY for more than 20 years now – and using the top ten list from the national AFP office, I’m delighted to offer up the Top Ten Reasons to join AFP-NYC today:


10. Proclaim your professionalism.
Adding your name to the ranks of over 30,000 fundraising professionals nationwide declares your pride in the profession you have chosen.

9. Advertise your integrity.
AFP-NYC has a reputation for upholding high standards. Since every AFP-NYC member signs his/her adherence to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards every year, you align yourself with like-minded practitioners of ethical fundraising.

8. Advance your career.
Every AFP-NYC member enjoys educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge and keep up with the newest trends in fundraising, both on the international and local levels.

7. Further your cause.
The more that you learn about the latest methods in fundraising, the better equipped you are to further the cause of the organization you represent.

6. Network with others who do what you do.
Making connections is an important part of fundraising for the cause you represent. Meet others who can help you make those connections.

5. Advocate for your profession.
Serious-minded professionals know that serving the profession means responding to calls for action from those who represent the profession.

4. Serve your profession.
Opportunities abound for individuals to serve on international and local committees that work on a variety of issues from building the core body of fundraising knowledge to building the public trust in the philanthropic process.

3. Don't reinvent the wheel – use available resources.
AFP-NYC's Resources Tab can provide you with the resources you need to do your job well.

2. Play a part in elevating the status of the fundraising profession.
Your membership in AFP-NYC and your dedication to the ethical principles that guide the fundraising process elevates the entire profession.

1. Do it for YOURSELF!
It's all about YOU, the fundraising professional. AFP-NYC's educational, networking, and career planning programs will take you where you want to go!

Calling all NYC-AFP members: we want to hear from you! Share your top reason(s) for being an AFP member on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn with #AFPNYCTop10 for a chance to be featured on AFP social channels and to win a complimentary AFP NYC Chapter Professional Membership. You can use the membership yourself to renew OR pay forward the gift of membership to a friend of your choosing. Post before PhilanthroCon on May 18, 2021 for a chance to win the complimentary membership! The drawing and announcement of the winner will occur on May 20th.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

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