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We’re Back!!

We’re Back!!

Chapter Leadership Brief 5.6.2022

We’re Back!!
On Wednesday, we will have our first in-person gala in two years. Fundraising events have been our bread and butter, therefore losing this particular revenue stream was devastating to our organization. Our staff was reduced by 60 percent and we had to reconfigure how we delivered our mission as well. When we passed the one-million dollar mark last week, our skeleton crew celebrated via Zoom and could not believe that we had hit our goal.
While we happily celebrate our accomplishment, we do so as an exhausted, overtaxed team. We were short three full time team members that would have supported the planning of the event, and it has been extremely difficult to recruit employees in this current climate. Job postings languish for weeks, sometimes months and the competition for talent is fierce. AFP-NYC will tackle this phenomenon in one of our upcoming Professional Advancement Sessions.
Be sure to save the date for our July 21st, session aptly named Turnover and the Great Resignation/Recruiting and Retaining Staff/Managing a Fundraising Team.  Join us at the Scandinavia House from 8:30 to 10:00AM on July 21st. This is sure to continue to be a relevant topic for the near future.
Good luck to everyone as they begin to hold in-person events again! There’s nothing like it.

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