Spring is Coming! A Time for Personal Renewal!

Spring is Coming! A Time for Personal Renewal!

Chapter Leadership Brief 03.10.2023

By Jennifer Moore, AFP-NYC Treasurer
Vice President of Development,

Each year, March brings with it both a physical renewal in the environment and in my case a mental one as well. Perhaps it’s the combination of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day paired with the extended daylight hours, and more time outside, but I always get an extra boost of inspiration and motivation this time of year.

And even though we’re only a few days into the month, this year is no different.

I had the delight in participating in one of my favorite AFP-NYC activities this week-one of our Professional Advancement Committee meetings. We took a few moments to catch up with colleagues and meet a few new members of the committee before diving in together to examine the gaps in our field and how we can support fellow fundraisers on their career trajectories through our education programming. The inspiration from my fellow committee members comes both from the trust and vulnerability we share with each other and the impact we’re working to make in the world through our day jobs as fundraisers. While planning and brainstorming, challenges we’re facing on a daily basis and collective solutions trickle out and are sprinkled into the conversation. That energy is then infused in our program offerings and also back into our organizations and work. I know I can wax poetic for my love of the Professional Advancement Committee, but for the past 10 years that group has been a lynchpin to my creativity, inspiration and commitment to my work as a fundraiser.

March also seems to be the time of year when things really start to get into full swing at work (although there never does seem to be a slow season anymore) and leaning on the collective support and impact of my fellow fundraisers is what gets me through. Our work as fundraisers can be increasingly complex and nuanced and sometimes disheartening. However, I try to soak up every drop of motivation and community I can on the hard days. Whether or not joining an AFP-NYC Committee is what you need right now or not, I do encourage you to leverage your community for support. As the weather continues to give us more options for sunshine and daylight allow yourself some time in nature and think of it as part of your own spring and renewal!

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