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Ready, Set, Learn: Fundraising Day in NY is Here!

Ready, Set, Learn: Fundraising Day in NY is Here!

Chapter Leadership Brief 6.16.2023

By CJ Orr,
Chief Operating Officer, Orr Group

Today marks another exciting chapter in our journey as AFP-NYC hosts the annual Fundraising Day in New York conference. With over 1000 attendees, 60+ speakers, 2 keynote speakers, roundtable sessions, mentorship sessions, and more than 30 sponsors, this conference is one of our most vibrant and enriching gatherings yet.

This conference is more than just a day of learning and networking. It's an opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share experiences, and gain insights that can propel your fundraising efforts forward. Each session has been carefully curated to ensure that it brings value to your work, and our keynote speakers (Wendy Sealy and Amy Freitag) are renowned figures who are sure to inspire us all. The roundtable sessions will provide a platform for in-depth discussions on pertinent topics, while our mentorship sessions offer a chance for personal and professional growth.

But let's not forget the true essence of this conference - the opportunity for us to come together as a community. We may all have our unique roles in the nonprofit sector, but we share the same commitment: to make the world a better place. Our past conferences have seen attendees become colleagues, and colleagues become friends. This year is no different. 

See you in the ballroom!

Best, CJ

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