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Promoting Equity -- List Salary Ranges on Job Postings

by Pinky Vincent, Member, AFP-NYC Board of Directors

Equal pay for equal work is not yet a reality. Even with similar education and experience, people of color and women still earn less than white men.

To address this persistent wage gap and to reinforce our chapter’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA), we will be requiring all Career Center job postings to list salary ranges, starting May 1st.

From a practical standpoint, we can all appreciate as job seekers, recruiters, or hiring managers that mentioning salary ranges saves time. It’s no secret that most positions have a budget and most organizations will not substantially alter that number, especially for entry and mid-level roles. If we let go of the “negotiation dance,” candidates and organizations can ideally focus their conversations on skills, values, and goals.

Our reasons as a chapter, however, have everything to do with advancing equity and transparency.

While New York City bans salary history on job applications, women and people of color can still be at a disadvantage. By not sharing salary ranges, we prolong wage gaps for people of color, women, and other marginalized communities for similar positions and responsibilities.

And speaking of speaking up, research has shown that women are penalized – for BOTH failing to negotiate AND when they choose to negotiate as a result of social bias.

As fundraisers, we seek to persuade donors to create long-lasting impact for current and future generations. Mentioning salary ranges on job postings will not solve all racial and gender biases that we experience or witness every day. But it is a step closer to taking care that nonprofits themselves don’t perpetuate persistent gender and racial wage gaps.

Please let us know on Twitter and LinkedIn what you think of our stance on salary equity and transparency. Please also share how this issue affects you and/or your organization.

And thank you for being a member of AFP-NYC. We appreciate you.

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