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National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day

Chapter Leadership Brief 12.04.2020

By Craig H. Shelley, CFRE, Chapter Treasurer & Managing Director, Orr Group

As it does every year, the barrage of #GivingTuesday emails and social posts initially filled me with cynicism and eye-rolls but by the end of the day had me feeling inspired and optimistic about the future of our world and philanthropy’s role in it.  At my core I’m an optimistic person who believes we can do better.  The core is just buried below the jaded exterior of a native New Yorker.

Coming out of that inspirational day earlier this week thinking happy thoughts, I’ve been simultaneously thinking we need to do more to celebrate philanthropy and actively ensure its future success.  Thankfully the chapter’s National Philanthropy Day event is coming on December 8th and will help accomplish both.  The unique format of this event (isn’t everything this year unique?) will provide an opportunity to gather, but also to participate in a dialogue on the opportunity presented by creating environments in our organizations that facilitate fundraisers of color thriving in their roles.

Philanthropy does so much good in the world, yet you need only look around an AFP event, your own offices or, in my case, look in the mirror to realize our field has only been drawing talent from a narrow band of the potential people who could be fundraisers.  Once we’re accessing the most talented people from all demographics to be fundraisers, we’ll raise more money from larger demographics of donors as well.  National Philanthropy Day will gather a panel of leaders for a discussion titled, Fundraisers of Color are the Future!  I’m looking forward to it and hope you’ll join us.

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