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Looking for a Job?‎

Looking for a Job?‎

Chapter Leadership Brief 8.13.2021

By Steve Jacobson, AFP-NYC President 
CEO, JCA, Inc.

No, I don’t have one for you. But chances are that there may be one out there for you. In one of the bright spots for fundraisers, the job market is picking up steam.  This is welcome news to the many fundraisers out there who were let go, took reduced pay or were furloughed due to the pandemic. According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (our parent organization) annual compensation and benefits survey, the pandemic resulted in fundraisers’ salaries dropping 3% since the pandemic began in March 2020.  The survey also found that layoffs or furloughs occurred at 20% of the more than 3,200 organizations who responded to the survey.

Was it all bad?  No.  In fact, when AFP delved deeper into the numbers, they found wild compensation swings.  Approximately 18.5% of respondents reported a drop in compensation, with an average decrease of $20,769. In contrast, 14.5% of respondents indicated an increase in pay averaging $7,885.  The study gave no conclusive reason for the disparity, but it seems likely that the nonprofit verticals which were hit hardest by the pandemic, such as arts and culture, had to cut back the most on fundraiser compensation. And, on the flip side, it’s entirely likely that nonprofits that did relatively well (e.g. food insecurity and health care) increased pay to fundraisers.

In terms of the local New York City market, our chapter’s jobs board is seeing a robust return to pre-pandemic activity levels.  This past month, we have seen:

  • 31 new employer sign-ups (highest it’s been in the last 12 months)
  • 34 new job postings (highest it’s been in the last 12 months)
  • 2,747 job views (highest it’s been since March 2020)

So, if you’re a fundraiser looking for new challenges, please check out the listings on our jobs board. You never know what you might find…

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