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Fundraising Day in New York – THE Day in New York

Fundraising Day in New York – THE Day in New York

Chapter Leadership Brief 4.19.24

by Craig Shelley, CFRE
President, Association of Fundraising Professionals New York City Chapter
Partner + Chief Growth Officer, Orr Group

Fundraising Day in New York is fast approaching! Since my earliest days in fundraising, this was one of my favorite experiences each year and that’s only become truer over time. Fundraising Day in New York has always served as an energizing place where you can witness our community of nonprofit leaders come together, learn new skills, see friends, and make lots of new ones.

This year’s conference promises to be no different. I’m proud to be presenting with my friend and partner in leading AFP-NYC, Jonah Nigh, in a session titled “Leadership, Strategy, and Inclusive Fundraising: Moving the Field Beyond Virtue Signaling”.  We’ll cover some of the hotter and more challenging issues facing the sector and, most importantly, try and move us beyond talk to understand how we can act and lead change. Our work is too important and the causes we’re seeking funding for are too critical at this time in history for us to avoid plain talk and bold action. I hope you’ll join our session.

The day promises to be full of engaging topics and presenters. My inspiring friends Lisa Keitges and Susan Sharer are co-chairing the dynamic program committee and have delivered a set of subjects and speakers I can’t wait to learn from. I can’t stand those conferences where a bunch of consultants make presentations that are actually just sales pitches. This won’t be that. Fundraising Day in New York has gathered a cohort of speakers you don’t know, but should, who will be discussing the things you are talking and thinking about and sharing insights and ideas you’ve not thought of.

Just as importantly, this day also will be FUN. My business partner and friend, CJ Orr, serves as the event chair and has pushed to ensure this year takes a step increase in terms of the quality of the experience.  From small features like built-in networking time to big additions like our first-ever Fundraising Day in New York hosted Happy Hour, CJ and his team are making sure this experience befits the preeminent one-day conference in the realm of philanthropy.

So much of this event is made possible by our event sponsors. I’m so proud that my firm, Orr Group, decided several years ago to invest in this conference as a platform to advance our field. I’m grateful Development Guild DDI has joined us this year as a Keynote Sponsor. I’m pleased Blackbaud and Public Interest Registry are sponsoring our Happy Hour (to know me is to know I really like Happy Hour). To see so many significant organizations seeing the value in participating in Fundraising Day in New York and helping to facilitate this important gathering feels like a step forward for our fundraising community.

All this is a long-winded way of saying, sign up for Fundraising Day in New York. It’s a unique and meaningful opportunity to celebrate with, expand, and learn from your community. Register today (before rates go up on 5/1) to save your seat. I’ll see you there if not sooner.

Craig is a trusted partner and advisor to the nonprofit sector’s most ambitious leaders. He advances the missions of nonprofits by bringing a change-management and entrepreneurial approach to strategy, organizational development, fundraising, and board optimization.

In addition to his direct work with clients, as a Partner and Chief Growth Officer at Orr Group, Craig helps to set the course for the firm’s continued success. He leads the firm’s Impact Group, focused on identifying and meeting the needs of its nonprofit partners and projecting its best practices and viewpoints across the sector, as well as its Growth Team, which is responsible for our brand, marketing, communications, thought leadership, and business development efforts.

Beyond his role at Orr Group, Craig is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and frequently speaks at conferences and publishes articles on leadership and philanthropy. Craig is President of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ New York City Chapter, is a member of the Global Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Leadership Institute Advisory Committee, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for NonProfit PRO. Prior to joining Orr Group in 2013, Craig was the National Director of Development and Corporate Alliances for the Boy Scouts of America. In this position, he was responsible for leading annual fundraising, corporate partnerships, and alumni relations for the organization. He also provided training, support, and consulting to nearly 300 local Boy Scouts affiliates, which collectively raised over $250 million annually.

Orr Group is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in the business of philanthropy. To learn more about how we help nonprofits grow, scale, and sustain their impact, contact us today.

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