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Comfort Level

Comfort Level

Chapter Leadership Brief 9.10.2021

By Michele Hall-Duncan, AFP-NYC Secretary
CEO and President of enCourage Kids Foundation

Fall events will be starting soon. Galas, tastings, festivals, and other events are planned for the end of the year. But as the Delta variant brings us all back into a cautionary space – what do we do? Some organizations have decided to revert to virtual or hybrid events after planning fall in-person events. Zoom is even trying to cash in on that trend by finally adding a donate button for nonprofits.

Still, there are those who really want to go back to a sense of normalcy. Many nonprofits were able to enjoy their annual golf events in the summer and now early fall, because the weather permits the event to be held predominantly out of doors. It’s been great to interact with donors again in that space. Additionally, a new opportunity has presented itself with the recent law which will require proof of vaccination to access restaurants, gyms, and event venues. While no guarantee against potential COVID-19 exposure, the odds appear to be more favorable for attendees.

The phrase “comfort level” is the phrase du jour and boy do levels vary! I attended a wedding recently, where masks were provided, and wristbands in three colors (red, yellow, and green) were available to indicate the guests’ comfort level with interaction. Fully vaccinated, I slipped on green; however, I noticed there still weren’t many full-on body hugs being delivered that day. I had a blast.

We are still planning to hold our in-person tasting event next month, however we’ve moved from Current into The Lighthouse with its large outdoor veranda and terrace which can open to the veranda. We are also providing guests with masks that have straw holes in them to facilitate safer consumption of beverages. While not a requirement, they will hopefully indicate that we are taking our guests' concerns seriously.

As we execute our events--be they virtual, hybrid or in-person--let’s understand comfort levels and plan accordingly, leading with flexibility and creativity.

Watch for more details about our upcoming program on October 20th as we discuss this subject and more. We have a great panel with guests from a hospital foundation and other great nonprofits.

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