Chapter Leadership Brief 3.30.18

Chapter Leadership Brief 3.30.18

By Gary Laermer, AFP-NYC President

One definition of networking is to interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career.  I prefer to think of networking as an exchange of ideas and information to advance an entire profession.

That’s what I see as the role of AFP in New York City.  Together as a group, we have the chance to celebrate the extraordinary work we perform each day, the people our efforts help, the societal issues we help to address and the extraordinary missions we work to support.

Our profession represents the special connection between the generous donors who want to make our city, country and our world a better place, and the organizations that are committed to achieving the change a donor seeks.

Our Chapter’s schedule of professional advancement sessions, hosted webinar lunches, young professional events, member only events, and of course Fundraising Day in New York, are designed to support philanthropy professionals at all stages of their careers and they have one common thread:  we provide the opportunities that help to define our profession’s capacity to effect positive change in society and for the organizations for which we work.

AFP networking and educational events are so much more than just to exchange information for one’s career; we network for a much greater purpose.  Certainly, you can never tell how a chance meeting can help advance your own career, but your participation in AFP programs advances all that we stand and strive for. Thank you for being engaged is such important work.

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