Chapter Leadership Brief 2.2.2018

By Gary Laermer

In my first article for Fundraising Matters I would like to begin by thanking my fellow Board members for their continuing support of the Chapter and our important work.  I recognize their efforts to move our agenda forward and make a powerful statement about their belief in the impact philanthropy professionals have on our City. 

I would also like to welcome our 2018 class of new members to the Board of Directors:

Veronica Bainbridge, Director of Development, Madison Square Park Conservancy

Mindee Barham, Vice President of Development, Grameen America

Leah Heister, Senior Director, CCS Fundraising

Carmel Napolitano, Senior Consultant, DRG, Inc.

Toby Pearce, Director of Development, Hudson River Park Friends

Michael Rodgers, Vice President Development & Philanthropy, New York Road Runners

Susan Shapiro, President, shapiroassociates

Our collective work over this year will be centered on our commitment to our members and the all philanthropy professionals in New York City.

The Chapter board is working to ensure the programs we provide are focused on:             

  • Providing best-in-class professional development and education services
  • Consistently elevating those working in the philanthropy ecosystem
  • And celebrating the extraordinary impact that philanthropy professionals have in our great City, regardless of the size of the agency, zip code or nonprofit cause they are working to support.

Fundraisers make a vibrant New York City possible. AFP-NYC trains fundraisers to create more sustainable organizations that fuel this city and contribute to the lifeblood of its social safety net, its revenue and employment.  Funding the missions of our social service, educational, healthcare, cultural and all other nonprofits is more important than ever, and working with donors to fulfill their aspirations for change and improvement makes us a powerful force for good. 

By demonstrating the importance of trained development professionals, setting standards for professionalism, and training development staff, AFP helps nonprofits to raise more money so they can do more, be more effective in fulfilling their missions, and contribute to New York City.  Thank you to all philanthropy professionals, service providers, consultants and partners for being engaged in this critically important effort.

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