Fundraising Day in New York

FRDNY 2020 Logo, Moving Forwrd Together


Fundraising Day in New York is the largest single-day conference on philanthropy. Whether attending for the first time or the fortieth, you’ll find an amazing array of session topics covering every current and emerging aspect of fundraising, presented by leaders and seasoned experts in the field you’ll want to hear from and meet. Almost 2000 fundraisers are present to share ideas, network, and learn from each other. Seventy companies in the SolutionsCenter are on hand to make your life easier, more productive, and innovative.

Your colleagues have this to say about Fundraising Day in New York:

I think Fundraising Day in NY is the best one-day conference on philanthropy on the planet.

Trust me. It is worth your investment. If you are looking to take your fundraising to another level, this is the place you have to be.

My favorite part of coming to FRDNY is realizing I am not alone. It’s not just me doing this work. There are thousands of us all over New York City working for the betterment of the city and the citizens and the planet. Sometimes you can be in your office and feel like it’s just you. I’m assured as of today, I’m not alone.

It’s a group of people who get together and want to change the world. It’s a good room to be in.

REGISTER NOW: 2020 Fundraising Day in New York is Friday, June 5 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.