Conference Scholarships


The New York City Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals is proud to offer a limited number of scholarships to Fundraising Day in New York. Funding for the scholarships is provided by members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, who recognize the importance of developing professional skills in their field through training at the nation's largest single-day conference on fundraising.

The scholarship entitles recipients to attend the full conference free of charge, as well as attend a special scholar orientation. (The fees for the conference range from $390 to $575, depending on time of registration.) Each application must be accompanied by a $25 application fee. The application fee will be returned if a scholarship is not awarded.

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Maurice Gurin, a fundraising consultant and president of The Gurin Group, was a leader in the industry. He served on the boards of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and New York City - AFP, as well as the Trust for Philanthropy of the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel, now known as The Giving Institute. He authored several books on fundraising, and created training programs at the request of the Ford Foundation. He was also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force in World War II.

Fondly known as Maury, he proved himself as a foremost leader and thinker who impacted the evolution of philanthropy.  He incorporated new and innovative fundraising methods with more traditional techniques. In his work, he sought creative answers to old questions, using imaginative approaches to fundraising focused on individual client needs and making the fundraising plan fit the client rather than the client fit the fundraising plan.

Maury, who passed away in 1990, bequeathed a legacy gift to the AFP-NYC to fund scholarships to Fundraising Day in New York, furthering his vocation to train fundraisers. That scholarship fund continues today, supported by Chapter leadership and members, as well as other donors. Maury’s mission, his ideas, and his passion are still alive in the hundreds of fundraisers who can say they are proud Gurin Scholars.